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Commercial Fleet Accounts

For the first time ever, the Downbeach Express
is offering our business clientele the ability
to take advantage of discounted toll rates
for larger weight vehicles!

Our COMMERCIAL FLEET ACCOUNTS are available for all businesses and can be used with all vehicle types weighing less than 20,000 lbs.

As a Commercial Fleet Account Holder, you can easily monitor vehicle and employee usage, eliminate the cost of replacing lost Express Passes and have full online access to your account as you enjoy discounted fares.


Each of your vehicles will have its GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) verified and a Fleet Decal will be attached to the driver's side door. Each decal is made with tamper-resistant technology to insure that should anyone try to remove it,
the decal will be rendered unusable.

PLEASE NOTE: Decal vehicles must use the inside,
attendant manned lanes ONLY.


Simply contact our Downbeach Express office
and our Account Administrator will
"FLEET" your vehicles.

CALL: 609-965-5174
Monday thru Friday, 8am - 4pm


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